“He is a person of  exceptional gift, a natural unprocessed diamond of Tuvian modern music.” Said Sainkho Namtchylak about Gendos.



First solo concert took place in winter 2004, in Wroclaw . Hall was filled up. Program with elements of shamanic music and traditional Tuvian songs has evaluated from that time. “Kamlanie” with deep shamanic music was his first solo album. Recorded during one session in Moscow studio.




New program was recorded in Poland and released as “Ham-Dyt” (Shaman Tree) in 2005. Ten compositions with different moods and styles show Gendos Tuva.






Each solo concert is a mystery which fascinates the audience. Powerful performances show the shaman soul of Gendos and the beauty of Tuvian songs. His archaic and primeval singing hypnotizes listeners and gives them energy.” Gendos often chooses forgotten, not played, songs from his region “Baytajga” for concerts.




Workshop is experience also for Gendos. He can meet people and spend with them more time. Gendos gives lessons, prepares traditional Tuvian food with pupils, makes fire and talk all night long.

Jakuszyce Poland Autumn 2004